SHINANO International Primitive Sense Artist-in-Residence (SP-AIR)


When people straightly face to the Nature, primitive sense will return to our feeling. "Nature" is not only outside of us, contains the life of ourselves and inherited from the origin of life. The way of having beauty in the life inherited from the Jomon period (Japanese Stone Age) is the true richness, and the artists will stay to create in the country of Shinano that is embraced by the majestic nature of the Japan Alps, and we will create the "culture" of the area by creating expressions that can only be produced by meeting the land and people living there. We have organized the "Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival" from 2010 by the lake Kizaki in Japan every summer, by inviting domestic and foreign artists as a Marebito who is a rare visitor like a spirit. It comes beyond the sea once a year on the day of the festival. It is an ancient mind in Japan.


If your work has the primitive sense, all media will be accepted.
(Sculpture, land art, architecture, installation, cooking food of performance, etc.)


Artist-in-Residency Period

2 weeks to 1 month (Performance) or 1 month (Visual Art) in August


NISHIMARU SHINYA Memorial hall, Kizaki lake side, Omachi city

How to apply

Please express your primitive sense by post or e-mail.


Application period

April 15th - May 15th (Deadline: May 15th)


The result will be informed at May through the official website.

AIR Interchange Program

We would like to corporate with the other AIR organization which sympathize with our primitive sense. We will accept the Artist from your AIR program and our artist will stay your AIR program for interchange.
The budget will be same condition. Please contact us to discuss for the detail.


Getting Her

○There are several ways to get here.

◊By Train:Shinjuku station (Express Azusa) →4 hours→Sinano Omachi Station.

◊By Car: Azumino Interchange →40mins→Sinano Omachi Station.

◊By Highway bus :Shinjuku Station→ 4 hours→ Shinano Omachi Station Alpico Bus.

◊Getting Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall From Shinano Omachi Station-JR (10 mins) 5 mins walk from JR Inao Station.

Contact [For submission and enquiry]



Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018

In the area of Shinano, where Jomon culture prospered, we invited foreign artists on the theme of primitive senses, and create the network with an international communication power that links ancient globality with modernity. By doing two places of Artist-in-residence, the castle town of Matsushiro in Nagano City and the lakeside Kizaki in Omachi City with rich nature, the invited artists knows the diversity of Shinano's country, and conducts cultural exchange and creation that connects the two areas. We do residences in the beautiful cityscape that prospered as a castle town of the Matsushiro domain and Matsushiro with the historical nature such as the Matsushiro Underground Imperial Headquarters and the Nishimaru Shinya memorial Hall on the shore of the Kizaki lake, and the artist works that take root in the land.

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