SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013
A spirit of the water from divine realm
3rd of August 2013 - 8th of September 2013
NISHIMARU SHINYA Memorial hall, Kizaki lake side, Omachi city
Getting Here
There are several ways to get here.
By Train
Shinjuku station (Express Azusa) →4 hours→Sinano Omachi Station 
By Car
Azumino Interchange →20mins→Sinano Omachi Station
By Highway bus
Shinjuku Station→ 4 hours→ Shinano Omachi Station
Alpico Bus
Getting Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall
From Shinano Omachi Station-JR (10 mins)
5 mins walk from Inao Station.
Outline of Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013

 Exhibition Title

 Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013
 A spirit of the water from divine realm

 Exhibition Dates

 3rd August 2013-8th September 2013


 Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall, Kizaki Lake


 Primitive Sense Art Festival executive committee

 Cosponsors  NISHIMARU SHINYA Memorial Hall, Educational Board of Omachi city
 Executive Committee Chairman  Mihoko Kanbara

 Art Director

 Nobuyuki Sugihara


 Ikeda Takeshi

 Supported by  Nagano Prefectural Board of Education, Asahi Broad casting Nagano Co,Ltd
 Asahi Shimbun Company Nagano head office
 Cooperated with  University of Tokyo-Cultural Resources Studies research group,
 Keio University Art Center, East Japan Railway Company,
 Secretariat of the Crafts Fair Matsumoto, Asagura Project, Sosya Wa-Chigai,
 Salt Road Choji-ya, Usui - Shoten, Uminokuchi neighborhood council,
 Mori neighborhood council, Inao neighborhood council
 Mr.Yamamoto's traditional folk residence, Omachi cultural assets center,
 Earth-day Omachi , Idojiri Archaeological Museum, Grutta Networ k Omachi,
 Greener's Villege, Social Welfare Corporation Yamanami group, Niji-no-Ie,
 Work shop for Sustainable Community, Miasa elementary-junior high school
 Yasaka elementary school, North Yamato farm,Uminokuchi camp site
 Y shop Nishi, Sennen-no-Mori, Omachi Laboratory, Atarashi-ya,
 Kizaki-lake camp site, Matsubaya Ryokan, Kennichi OSHIMA
 The Heisei 25 year regional revitalization support project of Nagano prefecture
 We are delighted to present new artworks for Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013.
Titled A spirit of the water from divine realm, this year's programme explores art's capacity
to call up the fundamental sense of Art in this moment at Shinano, where JYOMON (Ancient
Japanese) people used to live and to restore and strengthen relationship with nature and to
bring people back into relation in their home communities. Also this festival aims to generate
dialogue and, through collaboration, to fill the city with creativity by engaging with the local
community in order to convey new values to the world at large.
 Founded in 2010, Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival is Omachi City’s largest annual
celebration of art. Uniquely, the festival offers the chance to experience the best contemporary
artists. Enjoy strolling along the Kizaki Lake and watch artists complete pieces, and you can
feel the dynamics of the nature and the earth. To express your original primitive sense, please
visit Shinano and Kizaki Lake in Omachi city where the beautiful lands of water welcome you
for the bud of new creation.
 For this residency stay, the organizers are looking forward to see an Artist who has a joy
bringing spirit from divine realm. Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013 brings together
artist-run spaces and emerging artists and an innovative programme of special events.
The vast majority of the festival is free to attend. We encourage to create connections
between art, the nature and the society as art has a power to develop creativities needed to
rejuvenate local communities as it intuitively sees through to the heart of such issues, finds
forgotten potentials and recovers disconnected ties among people.
 In our Artists page, you will find the list of the artists displaying their work and events.
We hope you’ll come along!
AOSHIMA Samon (picture-book writer, installation)
ASAI Sinji (painter)
ASAI Yusuke (painter)
Carolyn Zeitler (basket)
Eva HOGBERG (installation,photo)
HASUNUMA Masahiro (installation,animation)
HIRABAYASHI Noboru (Bizen ceramist)
HIRATA Goro (installation,photo)
HONGO Tsuyoshi (movie,photo)
IKEDA Takeshi (installation,photo)
KAGAWA Daisuke (painter)
KASHIWAGI Kei (woodwork)
KIM YongMin (installation)
Kobayashi Tei (installation)
KURODA Masayuki (installation)
KUSAMA Yayoi (painter)
Keio University Art Center - HIJIKATA TATSUMI Archive (archive)
MAKINO Bunpei (woodwork)
NAGAI Kazuma (metal carving)
NISHIMARU Shinya (explorer, painter, writer)
Samsara (war rug)
SATO Sousei (installation)
SUGIHARA Nobuyuki (installation)
SUZUKI Ayaka (painter)
TASHIMA Seizo (picture-book writer,installation)
Yamada Switch (writer)
Yamanami Studio (painter, ceramist)
YAGI Kiyoshi (Photographer)
Event artists
ASAZAKI Ikue (traditional Amami folk singer)
Idojiri Archaeological museum (Jomon ware workshop)
MOGI Kenichiro (scientist)
NISHIKAWA Masakazu (reed boat creator)
Niji-no-ie (experiential learning:agriculture, foods and vessels)
SEKINO Yoshiharu (explorer)
Spannko (singer)
TAGUCHI Randy (writer)
TATE Takako (singer)
YUKI Yuko (Butho dancer) x KIMURA Syunsuke (Tsugaru-jamisen and pipe player)
Competition artists
Andrea Gabriele HACKL (Austria/dance, video art)
BongGi PARK (Korea/installation)
COYO (Saitama/installation,photo)
HAYASHI Noriaki (Wakayama/cyanotype)
KOASA Tomomi (Nagano/painter)
MAKISHIMA Ai (Tokyo/painter)
MORIYAMA Manami (Tokyo/photographer)
MUZUKAWA Chiharu (Osaka/roast painter)
SAITO Akihide (Kanagawa/photographer)
SATO Kaori (Fukushima/painter)
SATO Hiromu (Kyoto/sculpture)
Shilpa JOGLEKAR (India/installation)
Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013 pasport : 1000 yen [One entrance is 400 yen]
Opening Events :
3rd August 2013
14:00- Artist Tour at NISHIMARU SHINYA Memorial Hall
17:00- Opening reseption at Asagura
participation fees: passport+500yen(1drink)

4th August 2013 "Uminokuchi Stone Circle Festival " at Uminokuchi-lakeside
Andrea Gabriele HACKL(dance)×Kuzume Junichi(Jew's Harp/Igil)
Uminokuchi Kagura(Music of a traditional festival)
participation fees: passport

4th August 2013 open 17:30 / start 18:00 Ikue ASAZAKI Amami folk live a t Uminokuchi Community Center
participation fees: reservation 2500 yen+passport / without reservation 3000 yen + passport

10th Aug. 2013 11:00-17:00 Drama workshop facilitated by Tomohiko HYODO at Omachi Community Center Annex
participation fees: passport

10th August 2013 17:30- Talk Kenichiro MOGI at Asagura
participation fees:500 yen +passport

Uminokuchi Marebito Festival 3 Days Events :
23rd August 2013 10:00- /15:00- Oyaki Workshop (Oyaki : flatbaked flouror buckwhe at
flourbunstuffed with red bean past eorveget able filling , traditional meal in Shinano area) at Y Shop Nishi
participation fees:500 yen +passport

23rd August 2013 open 18:00 / start 19:00 Live event "SPANNKOSMO " performed by Spannko etc.
at Uminokuchi camp site
participation fees: reservation 2000 yen+passport / without reservation 2500 yen + passport

24th August 2013 14:00- "Takako TATE Live" with Sugihara Nobuyuki (dance) at Uminokuchi - lake side
participation fees: reservation 1500 yen+passport / without reservation 2000 yen + passport

24th August 2013 19:00- "Visitors' reunion" talk with Nobuyuki SUGIHARA,Daisuke KAGAWA and
Tsuyoshi HONGO a t Marebito house.
participation fees: passport +expenses of the table

25th August 2013 9:00-16:00 Jomon pottery Workshop facilitated by curator of the Idojiri Archaeological museum
participation fees:500 yen +passport

25th August 2013 open 16:00- Yuko YUKI Butho dance at Uminokuchi - lakeside
participation fees: reservation 1500 yen+passport / without reservation 2000 yen + passport

30th August 2013 16:00- 31th 11:00- Eco village Workshop (Organic vegetable dishes will be
served with Bizen ware made by Noboru HIRABAYASHI)
participation fees:4500 yen +passport

Closing Event :

7th September 2013 Afgan story telling and India classical music live" at Asagura
participation fees:Undecidedness+passport

8th September 2013 "Great Journey and Primitive sense" talk Yoshiharu SEKINO with Randy TAGUCHI
at Shinano Public Hall
participation fees:2200yen (passport 200yen discount)

Related Events :
• 15th August 2013 "Deliciou Sweet" show booth at Umino kuchi camp site
SHINANO Primitive Sense Art Festival 2013
A spirit of the water from divine realm
Artist in Residence competition
Invitation artist result
Andrea Hackl (Austria / dance, video art)
Shilpa Joglekar (India / installation)
Bonggi Park (South Korea / installation)
[As of June 6, 2013]


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