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信濃の國 原始感覚美術祭 2016ー地は語る、水のかたりべ

信濃の國 原始感覚美術祭 2016ー地は語る、水のかたりべ

Artist in Residence competition
The eighth year primitive sensory art festival does the festival itself.Festival is a place of meeting beyond genre, crossing generations, the ultimate workshop.Art = stage. Body = dance. Sound = song, music, word spirit. Food=Feast, we create the festival as a total art. Artists as Marebito [spirits from divine realm] who visit from the outside make the festival with people in the land, people visiting the land.We create the "The Water’s Edge Ritual" on the shores of Lake Kisaki, where the water begins.

Entry requirements

If your work call up the primitive sense, any form of Art would be applicable.
(Sculpture, Lands art, Architecture, instllation or cooking food, etc.)

Residence piriod

From 25th of August to 3rd of September (depends on your project)


30000-100000Yen for making Artwork including the cost of the materials transportation expenses, and living expenses. The accommodation will be provided.

∗Please propose a work production as a stage art of the festival or a participation plan of the festival.

∗Artist in Residence is on the condition that to create a permanent artwork at the Primitive Sense Art Festival or to donate more than an artwork.

How to Entry

Please express your primitive sense by post or email.

∗Any format will be accepted by post.(you can even send original artwork. please contact us like sending letters.)

∗ 5 images will be accepted by email. (Max 500kb per 1 image)

∗Any materials submitted to Primitive Sense Art Festival competition cannot be returned.


1. Entry sheet →downlod

2. The free style presentation of your primitive sense by postage or 5 images by email. (Max 500kb per 1 image)

3. Artist statement (400 words)

4. Your production schedule

Application period

15th of March 2017 - 15th of April 2017


The result will be informed at Late June 2017 through the official website



Contact [For submission and enquiry]

  • http://primitive-sense-art.nishimarukan.com/